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Bauer Vapor APX Senior Composite Sticks
Pure Hockey Says: The Bauer APX stick is the latest and greatest Bauer hockey stick out there, with an emphasis on greatest. This is the perfect storm of new stick technology, the best of Bauers previous stick technology and a sick look-and-feel! The APX stick is ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots. The foams in the blade are a combination of the much heralded TotalOne and the X:60 and the dual kick points remain intact. The main difference and enhancement here is the new make up of the shaft, which will make it much more durable. You can see all the detail in the Overview tab below, but know that this thing is loaded - and your shot will be, too!
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Bauer TotalOne Senior Hockey Stick
Pure Hockey Says: The Bauer Total One hockey stick is a really nice improvement over the One95. This particular version is the red, limited edition version, which we guarantee will make you look cooler than the north pole. Bauer changed the composite material used to make the stick, now using the Textreme material used on the X:60 and the balance and puck feel of the stick are greatly improved. They were able to lighten the stick a little, and so far the local high school players are telling us how well they are holding up. The Bauer Supreme sticks have a noticeably higher kick point than the Vapors and they definitely shoot better for guys with a heavier shot.
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Reebok Ai9 Senior Composite Stick
Pure Hockey Says: The A.i nine has become Reeboks premier composite stick. While the K line with SicKick technology will continue to be produced, this model offers a new alternative. It represents a shift in the balance of power. Many changes in materials and construction give the A.i nine a perfectly balanced feel while maximizing energy transfer from the stick to the puck. The exterior of the shaft is coated with Tactile Griptonite, a revamped version of the Griptonite found on the 11K. It also includes Reeboks Pure Fiber Technology, which is their method of creating a true one-piece. The most notable feature of the A.i nine is the Xlerated Blade. This is Reeboks lightest blade to date.
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Easton RS Senior Composite Stick
Pure Hockey Says: This is the stick that EVERYONE is talking about. New for 2011, the RS is a snipers stick and Easton has incorporated all of the traditional characteristics of the Stealth line, while adding many new innovative features in the RS. Our initial testing of this sitck finds, perhaps, the most pop on shots weve EVER seen in a hockey stick. The shaft is reinforced with a strong yet lightweight layer of Kevlar allowing the shooter to maximize the energy transfer to the blade. This force from the shaft to the blade flows through Eastons elliptical taper which preserves the energy transfer resulting in the quickest release on the market. The core of blade is constructed with advanced compression, and pressure treated materials making the blade stiffer and your shots more accurate. Science and technology aside, the Easton RS is arguably one of the best looking composite sticks ever made. Its dark and simple design truly embodies the Stealth name. It goes to show, aesthetically, sometimes less is more.
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Sherwood Nexon N12 Senior Composite Hockey Stick
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Sherwood T90 Senior Composite Hockey Stick
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CCM Crazy Strong Senior Composite Stick
Pure Hockey Says: The name says it all folks. It has layers upon layers of added resistant carbon fibers to provide maximum durability to keep your twig alive and well for as long as possible. Performance is not sacrificed at all either as the Dual Bridge blade creates a sweet spot big so big you can unleash your cannon from almost anywhere on the blade. The True Spear construction also ensures that your hands are the master of the stick.
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The CCM senior U+ CL Stiff 100 Flex Hockey Stick: At 415 grams - it's crazy light!
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Warrior Widow Senior Composite Stick
Pure Hockey Says: Warriors latest creation, the Widow, is the definition of a top-of-the-line product. By eliminating the fused shaft and blade system that most composite sticks use in the True-One Piece construction, Warrior significantly increased the control of the stick and weight balance, while also maximizing the flex in the shot like never before. The new 12- inch dagger taper technology also revolutionizes flex by allowing the top of the sick near the hands to stay stiffer and in control while the lower portion of the stick flexes more adding serious pop to your shot. The D-Lite blade gives you a stable heel area for ripping shots glove side high and a springy toe area for easier undressing of the D-man.
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Warrior Diablo Senior Composite Stick
Pure Hockey Says: The Diablo is very similar to the top product Warrior puts out on the market, the Widow, but wont cost you as much. Like the Widow, it has an extended Dagger Taper on the shaft which puts more flex in its kick point to add some extra muscle to your shot. The Pro Balance and D-Lite blade also blend together the stability you want in the heel of the blade for a lethal shot, or the tenderness you want towards the toe for a silky smooth toe-drag all in one. Throw on the nipple grip coating the Warrior is known for, and you have yourself quite the weapon in this stick.
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